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WhyCar bazaar
Networking is an investment that yields great results for years to come.
Network is networth

Networking is one of the most important business skills through which you can build healthy and profitable relationships. We at CarBazaar believe in networking as the smoothest and best way to increase your Net Worth.


The major problem faced by the used car dealer community in India has always been the lack of parking space and the expenses on parking spaces.
CarBazaar app solves this problem as used car dealers will no longer require any parking space by having access to unlimited car stock all inside your mobile device.


CarBazaar app gives you absolute control over the used car market as it saves your time that you spend searching for cars on hundreds of websites or calling up people through a unified platform where you can find everything in one place.

Add New Car
CarBazaar is an app specially made for Used car dealers, brokers, and agents in India.

With the Carbazaar app used car dealers can add their stock of cars with proper details along with pictures. These Cars can be shared seamlessly among their network or with a prospective customer.

My Stock
CarBazaar app helps you create your digital shop where you can showcase your stock called MY STOCK.

After creating MY STOCK, used car dealers can view their live stock along with the stock of the Used car dealers in their network. This live stock can be shared with all end customers seamlessly.

Pricing Tool
CarBazaar gives you complete control of the Used car business through an app.

With this app, you can have access to the online pricing tool which shows the average current prevailing price and number of cars of any particular make and model in the used car market. Once you know whats the prevailing price then you can make the right pricing decision with just a click of a button.

View Network
CarBazaar app helps you build your network of used car dealers and lets you view other Used car dealers and their stock.

CarBazaar gives you the power and ease of searching cars in the Used Car Market and helps you connect and communicate with the used car dealers to purchase the car of any make and model that your customer desires through a unified platform.

About Car bazaar
CarBazaar app has been made especially for used car dealers by Used car business experts.

Carbazaar app team has combined experience of more than 100 years into the Used car industry. This App helps dealers create a network, co-operate and collaborate with their fellow used car dealers seamlessly. Used car dealers also get access to real-time used car stock of other dealers, agents, and brokers at just a click of the button.

Founder Mr.Mahesh Kale says that Carbazaar APP has been made to make the business easier for used car dealers. Mr. Mahesh Kale has already developed an entire Used car business for the VOLKSWAGEN brand in India and has also worked with Maruti True value in the past. While researching for Carbazaar he experienced that the Used car dealers, brokers, and agents face two major challenges, one is Used car Dealers having a limited number of cars and the other is of the right pricing for the car. Carbazaar APP has been created to solve these problems. In long term, the Carbazaar APP team intends to solve all needs of used car dealers like customer car finance, Car Insurance, Extended warranty, CRM etc